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Online Community Platform

Xplorio is a dynamic town website platform that offers current, comprehensive and authentic town related information by empowering all local establishments to represent themselves online.

Creative Direction:

  • New name and slogan
  • Production of the online video

    Originally known as 'Gansbaai Explore' with the slogan 'The Power of Community', the platform needed a new name and slogan that we could lay claim to and roll out to encompass surrounding towns. I was tasked to come up with a new name with the parameter that it had to be a derivative of the original Explore brand, and the .com had to be available, which is no easy task with a generic term like 'explore'.

    After facilitating numerous workshops and brainstorming sessions, we decided on Xplorio as the name with the slogan 'Search & Enjoy', inviting the audience to take action and enjoy the process and tangible results of finding what they need, for e.g. the perfect self-catering cottage for their weekend away.

    In order for people to understand what the platform was about and how they could use it to their benefit, we created an animated explanation video, which I scripted and creatively directed.


    • Logo, brand guidelines and corporate stationery
    • Front-end of the new website
    • Advertising campaign (billboards, signs, flyers, posters, online ads, etc.)


    • Scripted the online introduction video (as seen above)


    • Shot various towns for the online gallery (shown below: Grabouw/Elgin, South Africa)
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