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Aventura África

Travel Agency specialising in the Spanish-Speaking Market

Aventura África is a travel agency specialising in trips to Africa for the Spanish-speaking market. While I was Creative Director at DROID, we were deeply involved with the creation and successful growth of this company.

Creative Direction:

  • Production of the Aventura video (watch the 'making of' video below the main video)
  • Development of the Aventura website


  • New logo and corporate stationery
  • Front-end of the new website

  • Customizable sales proposal for email enquiries

  • Range of Aventura merchandise

Deconstruction of the logo font to create an icon set for the website.

Front cover of an Itinerary Document

Variations of the front cover of the Itinerary Document, depending on the client's trip.

Please note: the above photos were not taken by me.

Map design for custom itineraries.

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